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Who doesn’t love a fantastic tale of action, adventure, revenge, romance, and intergalactic space battles? Star Wars has taken a firm hold on pop culture for good reason, but there is just one trouble with it. Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to find the perfect Star Wars themed item that you are looking for. Luckily, clever knitters have taken up their needles to knit some fantastic items and today is the perfect day to share some of my favorites with you.


First up is this R2D2 & Lightsaber hat knitted by Sarah at Blue Garter. This one is perfect for anybody who loves that mischievous little robot R2D2.

stormtrooper hat

Next is the Imperial Stormtrooper Hat by MyJewelThiefKnits. She claims that this is only her second time at stranded colorwork when she made this hat, but it looks just perfect as it is. There are a lot of stormtrooper hats out here and I think this is one of the best knitted ones.


Of course, there aren’t only hats knitted with Star Wars flair. This comfy sweater has the one and only Darth Vader himself. This one was found on The Dark Knit blog and it looks easy enough to reproduce. Which is a good thing because there won’t be a pattern coming out any time from her, but she is such a talented knitter that her blog is worth looking at for eye candy.

There are many, many more Star Wars themed knits out there, but these are my top three favorites. Sadly, there aren’t that many Star Wars socks out there, but that is just a gap that I will have to tackle one day. I know a few people who would love custom knit Star War socks just for them.

Until them, Keep Calm and May the Fourth be with you, forever and always.