When I first started knitting I was only interested in learning how to make scarves, hats, and socks. I didn’t think that you could make anything else with knitting because I didn’t really think that knitting was all that practical outside of warm winter hats, cuddly scarves, or socks (and the socks mostly branched out of my love for Little Women). Now, eleven years and  multiple hats, socks, blankets, fingerless mittens, and a sweater later, I realize that knitting can be used for more than the occasional accessory. It is a powerful tool that can help you customize your wardrobe to your hearts content.

Honestly, when most people think of the word “fashion” they have pictures of six foot tall willowy beauties in trendy (but impractical) runway styles. They don’t think of handknit sweaters or scarves or any of the accessories that usually blend into the background of a well put together outfit. That’s why I’ve been interested in looking at different fashion styles and seeing how knitting could fit into the different styles without making anybody look “old fashioned” or “dated”, which is a stereotype knitting seems to have with the fashion world.

The first fashions I’m going to be looking at are going to be the styles that I am interested in wearing the most, which would be Elegant Gothic Lolita (often shortened to just Lolita), Mori Girl, Goth, and Steampunk. They all have a Victorian flair which I love and I think they would be the easiest to incorporate knitting into. I am also interested in looking into how the Punk and Grunge styles work even though I wouldn’t be interested in dressing that way myself. If anything, this will be an interesting way to look at how knitting can be used to enhance everyday styles and a way for me to ease myself into something more fashionable than jeans and t-shirts.