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Since this website is called Knitting in Wonderland, it should be assumed that this is going to be a knitting blog and instead of posts filled with pictures of WIPs (works-in-progress) and cats, there has been a post about other knitting and fashion. Don’t worry, dear readers. This blog post will be all about my own knitting and it is all about socks.

When I wanted to learn how to knit, the only project I ever wanted to knit was socks. Now that I do knit, I make sure to have at least one sock project on the needles at all times. Right now, I happen to have two projects going on and it feels like they are taking forever.

Fiances Very Late Christmas Socks WIP 1

The first project is leftover from a batch of socks I was making for Christmas. I feel kinda guilty that I haven’t finished this one yet, since these Christmas colored striped socks are for my fiance. The pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks and I have made three different versions of them so far. It is a cleverly written pattern and has a really nice texture when they are done. I find that the texture shows up best on either striped socks or solid colored socks. The texture hides when you use a variegated sock yarn.

Aunts Grey Socks WIP 1

The second project is just a pair of simple ribbed socks knit in a heather grey tweed. I always wanted to make ribbed socks like this because they just look so nice even though they are so simple. This one stars off with 1×1 ribbing and since I am really bad with knitting the same pattern over and over, I’m planning on doing a similar ribbing style only starting with 2×2 ribbing. Since this is only the first sock, that is getting a little ahead of myself with my plans. Right now, I’m working on perfecting the round toe with this pair of socks so it should be fun to knit.

I feel like I am turning into a one project at a time kinda girl, so I am going to do my best to finish a pair of these socks and then just stick with one project at a time for a while and see if my knitting productivity goes up any. Plus, I have discovered that I like knitting on 1.5 mm needles for my socks and I only have one set of needles that size, so I will be forced to knit only one sock project at a time for a while.