Whenever I find time to do something new, my life gets crazy busy with other stuff. When that happens, it is rare that I find even five minutes for myself, and when I do I end up either knitting or playing a video game to relax instead of writing. Recently, I’ve been knitting in those rare moments and I have made awesome progress on the gray tweed socks.

Heather Gray Socks WIP

Instead of hemming and hawing over the toe of the first sock, I just decided to follow my gut and knit the toe. After all, it doesn’t have to be completely perfect and I’ll probably wash all the socks before I send them off to my Aunt, so if it is a little long in the toe it won’t hurt. Especially since her washing machine runs hotter than ours. As soon as I finished up the toe, I convinced myself to cast on the second sock while I was still in the “I finished something!” high and settled back to watch the fourth season of the Legend of Korra with my fiance while we were dog sitting. I normally start a new ball of yarn when I go from the first sock to the second sock, but this time I decided to see how much sock I could get out of a fifty gram skein of Stroll Tweed. About a sock and a third for a small adult woman’s foot.

Kasey and Me Knitting

This week, my cousin Stacey and her daughter Kasey are visiting so I’ve been visiting with them in the evenings, which leaves me little time for my studies and other career goals, but it is just for a week and this is the first time I’ve seen my cousin since I can actually remember. She remembers me from when I was three years old, but of course I don’t remember anything from that time. And the best part about it is that Kasey wanted to learn how to knit, so guess who gets to teach her? She has actually pickedit up surprisingly quickly, but she doesn’t want to stick with one project at a time yet. Which is fine with me since I was like that around her age too, but it annoys Stacey and my mom for some reason. I just appreciate that I have knitting time with her and live in hope that it either sticks with her now or she might pick it back up in the future and remember me when she knits.

Heather Grey Socks WIP 2

Either way, I’m making memories and excellent progress on my socks. Bonus: Kasey was the first non-knitter to not ask what I was making and just knew I was knitting socks.