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I should really know better than to sign myself up for a big commission project. I get really excited about it for a week and then I stop knitting on it entirely for about a month or so before I get back to knitting on it again. I’m not even sure how that happens since I only really do commissions for people I like and those who offer to pay me as well as purchase the yarn for their project. Often those projects are things that I enjoy knitting anyway or things that I’ve been wanting to make anyway.

This project is a bundle of six socks for my completely knit-worthy Aunt who adores my handknit socks. I like knitting them and she likes wearing them. It was a perfect match. Then the KnitPicks box filled with sock yarn arrived and I was greeted my a cheerful pallette of gray, gray, gray……and more gray.

Alright, I exaggerate a little bit, but the box of sock yarn is in entirely neutral colors. Very pretty shades of heathered gray, gray tweed, gray tonal, and white with two skeins of pastel variegated thrown in for some variety. It didn’t help much that I received this box at the very end of winter where I was sick and tired of looking at white snow, white clouds, and gray roads. Basically, I was color starved and was not expecting a box of winter shipped to me.

But now that we are in the middle of a very humid summer, it is easier to go back to those gray tones and knit basic socks for my Aunt. She is expecting them at the end of summer, so my refusal to knit anything for a month or so didn’t help with my timeline at all, but socks are the perfect thing to knit in the summer. Plus, I already finished a pair and I’m a good way into the second pair already.

Gray Heather Tweed 2015 (Blockers)I decided to knit the gray tweed pair first to get one of the grays out of the way. The tweed knit up very nicely and looks really professional. This is the type of gray tweed that would look really nice in a simple cardigan for layering or even a zip-up hoodie for cool summer nights into early fall.

The pattern is a simple ribbing that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. The ribbing is supposed to cling more to your foot and be slightly more form fitting, which would make it easier to fit a variety of feet. It looks great when it is finished, but it felt like it took a really long time to knit for some reason. Though that is probably more because of the color than the pattern on the sock. I’ll probably end up making at least two of these type of socks for my Aunt. The next pair I’m working on will be the white pair. Hopefully, I’ll have the first sock completed to show off next week.