It all happened two days ago after work in the kitchen. We were grilling a big slab of salmon on the grill and I had found a new recipe for zucchini chips that sounded interesting. So, I went to the store, got the zucchini, and brought them back home to slice them. Now, I am no stranger to the big chef’s knife in my mom’s knife block, but I knew I wouldn’t have been able to slice them as thinly as I wanted to. Plus, mom and dad bought a brand new mandolin slicer that would be perfect for the job. A good chef knows to use the best tools for the job, right?

I start slicing the first zucchini and everything is going well. It was a little difficult to get it started at first, but as I kept going the zucchini juice started to make the tray more slick so it was easy to slice. When I got down to a fourth of a zucchini then I used the hand guard so I wouldn’t hurt myself. Easy.

Then it happened.

Half the way down a second zucchini, my hand slipped and I cut the tip of my finger right off with no effort at all.

Well, after the drama happened, I got all calmed down again and bandaged up. We had dinner and everything was fine apart from me trying to figure out how to do things mostly left handed. Luckily, I had a doctor’s appointment the next day for a checkup on a non-related issue and I left with an updated tetnus shot and some breathable gauze and paper tape instead of cloth tape.

White Sock WIPThe next day, I went to pull my knitting out because I had some time to kill before work. I figured the bleeding had stopped and my finger was covered so there was no chance of me getting blood all over my very white wool sock I was working on.

The finger I cut is the finger I tension my yarn on and until today, I couldn’t stand to put any pressure on it at all because it would hurt. It turns out that I can’t knit on anything until I am able to use my right finger unbandaged again. I could try to knit continental for a while, but that would change my gauge enough that the sock would end up not fitting well. And while it pains me to find something else to do in the middle of a six sock knitting commission, it is for the greater good that I wait a couple of days and suffer through reading and studying instead.

The best part? I never did finish those zucchini chips.