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Once I discovered that I couldn’t really knit with the tip of my finger sliced off, I decided to pick up my poor neglected spinning project that I had started before I got my spinning wheel: spinning a silk hankie on a drop spindle.

Silk Hankie WIPSpinning a silk hankie is very different than spinning wool. This is one of the only fibers that you almost have to pre-draft to make it easier on yourself because the staple is so long. I have to hold my hands almost a foot away from each other before the fibers let themselves slip past each other. Of course, I still draft my pre-drafted sliver in spots if it isn’t as thin as I want it to be.

I first got the silk hankie to make a pair of mittens our of the pre-drafted unspun fiber a la the Yarn Harlot, but I drafted my fiber way too thin to make good material. So, I decided to scrap my project and actually spin the rest of the silk. I will have to get some more silk hankies to make those mittens with, but I am enjoying spinning the fiber. I just have to remember that spinning silk in this preparation will get you a more textured yarn in spots and not to get all super-controlling about getting a super smooth yarn.

Spinning SilkMy finger is doing a lot better though, so I will probably be working on my spinning on and off as I keep knitting the socks. Especially since the silk like to stick to everything, so I only really spin on it at home while I can take my socks out with me to knit on wherever I go.