Happy 4th of JulyThe United States of America has been a united country for two hundred and thirty-nine years. It may not have been a time where we have all gotten along one hundred percent of the time and it may not have been a time where we stayed exactly the same as the pilgrims who came over here to colonize. Instead, we have grown and changed to become the land we know today and, hopefully, we will still change and evolve to accept everybody for who they are while still being able to unite as a country.

To celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of my top five favorite patriotic knitting patterns.

1. Americana Wrist Cuff by Cirilia Rose on Ravelry. This cute wrist cuff looks like a simple project for adventurous beginners. Perfect for younger knitters just starting off and wanting to show some American pride or older knitters wanting to whip up something last minute. Plus it is a free pattern, what could be better?

2. Independence from Dragonfly Designs. A cute and patriotic poncho perfect for covering up in to watch those fireworks. It is lightweight enough to wear as a poncho, scarf, or a shawl. Gotta love those patterns that pull double duty.

3. Patriotic Earflap Hat from Marleen’s Ravelry Store. I have a weakness for earflap hats since I grew up in parts of the country that are really cold in the winter. This one comes with a cute braided tassel decoration on the back and it is offered as a free Ravelry download.

4. Patriotic Bead Striped Socks by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. You knew you wouldn’t make it out of this list without encountering at least one sock pattern. These look like an easy knit with just a bit of sparkle to jazz up your knitting. Perfect for understated events or times where you just need a bit of bling to spice up your outfit.

5. Celebration! Table Runner by Jean Clement from Desert Rose Fiber Arts. Since lots of people like to get together for picnics, I wanted to add something for the house on this list. This table runner is both patriotic and cute filled with lace and texture to keep the interest for the knitter.