There was an update on Ravelry that I just found out about yesterday and I am sure that a few other people might not know about it either. It used to be that you could slurp pictures from Instagram to Ravelry using the web slurper. Somewhere along the line, Instagram caught on and made it so that you couldn’t do that easily from their site anymore because you couldn’t get to the direct link to their pictures to link them anywhere else. After what I imagine was a few tricky code lines and some coding magic from Ravelry’s awesome code monkey Casey, we are now able to link our Instagram accounts to our Ravelry profiles.

Casey did say that since Instagram’s pictures are cropped smaller and square, that the pictures might not show up as big on Ravelry. While I haven’t had a problem with that at all on my test pictures, he does suggest to take the time and upload the original pictures for your finished object pictures. I think for most people that is a good idea, but for the people who use their phones as their primary cameras, you might want to try it both ways and just see which photos you like better.

I am excited that this update has occurred because I do like putting progress photos on my Instagram account. So for these fun quick update photos, I will find this easier to update Ravelry. But for things like stash photos and the like, I will still have to pull the pictures off of my phone to put them up the slower way. Either way, it is good to have options.