Day 1: What was your first finished project?

This will probably be one of the only challenge posts without some sort of picture to go along with it because I don’t have my first finished project anymore, but I do have a story about it.

My first finished project was a really simple white rolled brim hat made with the pattern I found in a pattern book called Knitgrrl. It was my first attempt into circular knitting because I hated to purl but I wanted to make the “smooth v stitches” that I saw my mom doing because she could purl. It just so happened that the day after we went out to get me my very first circular needles, I got sick so I couldn’t go to school. All I could do was lay around, watch tv, and figure out this knitting thing. It took me all day to make that hat and to figure out how to do the very top part on those needles.

That hat was ugly. It had holes all on the top of it because I had dropped stitches or had yarn overs accidentally, but it was my first finished project and I was so proud that I made something that I could actually wear!