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Day 2: What is currently on your needles?

Grey Cable Sock WIPI have been really good at only working on one project at a time recently. My current project is part of my commission knitting and is the second sock of the grey cabled socks. The pattern is a prototype of my own design that is going to go through some design changes on another sock because I am not as happy how the cables came out on a pure stockinette stitch background. If I was going for an overall subtle texture pattern, then it would be wonderful. But, I was going for a more prominent cable and it just didn’t work out too well.

As it stands, the socks will look really classy and when I get them both done, I will zoom closer to the faint cable so everybody can see it better. The pattern is also really easy to memorize right now since one repeat is one inch on the socks so it makes it feel like the socks are knitting up really fast. It also helps that this will be the last of the solid socks that I have for my commission. It isn’t the last grey sock, but my next sock I’ll be making for my aunt will be more colorful!