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Day 3: Do you have any other Works in Progress (WIPs)?

Even though I have been working only on one project at a time recently, I do have other works in progress. Luckily, I only have two of them this time and one of them is a drop spindling project.

My first WIP is last year’s Christmas socks for my very patient husband-to-be. It is the Hermione’s Favorite Sock pattern and while it is very easy to knit, I think I just got burned out on Christmas colors since I was making five socks in the same colors. I only ended up getting three of them done and I still have to make mine after I get his done, but I’m just going to wait on those. His take priority since they have been on the needles since January 2015.

My second WIP is a drop spindling project that (according to my Ravelry page) I started in June 2014. I was spinning up a silk hankie because I was drafting the silk too thin to actually knit with it a la Yarn Harlot’s mawata mittens. It is an on again off again project since the silk is fairly slippery and I don’t like taking it out of my house because I do end up dropping it from time to time. I am almost done with the actual spinning though and I am going to end up plying it on my wheel, so if I just buckle down I should be able to get it done fairly quickly.