Day 4: How did you learn how to knit?

I decided I wanted to learn to knit after I fell in love with Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. The one character I identified the most with (and still do) was the hot-headed, strong-willed, passionate Jo March. I remember trying to read this book as a six year old and was bored to death by it, but the eleven year old me that took to it thought it was wonderful! Two scenes were vividly captured in my mind: the apple scene where Jo runs down the stairs with an apple in her mouth crying over a sad or sappy scene in a book and the peaceful scene where the girls are playing pilgrims and knitting socks.

For some reason, the imagery of knitting socks with a group of people on a nice summer’s day took hold in my brain and became deeply romanticized. But, because Jo was able to read aloud and knit socks at the same time made me want to learn how to do the same thing because (to my eleven year old self) Jo was my hero and I wanted to be like her.

I gathered the courage to talk to my Girl Scout Troop about learning how to knit. There were only three of us at the time (Pooja, Rebecca, and myself) and Pooja had no interest in learning how to knit because she knew how to crochet. Luckily, that left Rebecca and me there to learn how to knit. We learned out of an old Learn to Knit in 30 Days paperback book with matching purple aluminum needles and Red Heart.

I remember it took me three days to figure out how to make my first knit stitch while Rebecca took to it like a natural. She had even gone on by herself to learn how to purl while I was stuck not having the attention span to knit a full garter stitch square before deciding it was horrible and ripping it out. I remember being so jealous of her, but not wanting to make her feel bad so I never said anything and always praised her work.

Of course, my love for knitting didn’t take off until a few years later, but I learned how to knit in my room out of a book with my friend.