Day 7: Your least favorite?

Hunter's Christmas SocksIt is really hard to pick a least favorite project because I am proud of what I knit and I generally like everything that I knit. But there is one project that (even though it is well loved) I am not quite satisfied with it. That would be the pair of Circle Socks that I knit for my brother last Christmas.

I had been interested in knitting these socks for the longest time and I thought that they would make a great pair of socks out of a couple of skeins of self-striping yarn. I first heard about these socks back when Kelly Petkun was still doing the Knit Picks podcast and she raved about how this pattern emphasized one color and then the other making the socks look really complicated when all it was doing was using one strand of yarn. Even Anne Campbell, the writer of the pattern, said something to that effect.

I enjoy the way the pattern works out with self-striping yarn, as first one color and then another is emphasized in the reverse stockinette bands. -Anne Campbell from the Circle Socks pattern

I guess I was just expecting one solid stripe on the reverse stockinette sections and one solid stripe on the stockinette portion making it look like polkadots. It might work out that way if you have a self-striping yarn that had thinner bands of color instead of the nice wide bands of color that Knit Picks Felici has. If I ever did this pattern again, I would just use two colors to make it come out that way.