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Day 10: Do you have a favorite pattern or designer?

If you had asked me a mere two years ago who my favorite designer was I would have told you that it was Cookie A with her fabulous and complex sock designs. She was the first one out there to make socks the center of attention with eye catching textural designs that ranged from spiraling cables to tesselated textures to make interesting fabric.

If you had asked me a year ago who my favorite designer was I would have told you that it was a fussy old English woman who did wonderful things with simple garter stitch. None other than Elizabeth Zimmerman and you would have rolled your eyes because I would have come across as just another fangirl raving about a designer that rubs some people the wrong way with her tone and wry humor.

However, my current favorite designer is more famous for her collection of stitch patterns than for a book telling you how to reproduce her knitting: the illustrious Barbara Walker. We are lucky that there was somebody out there who decided to collect a lot of knitting patterns at a time where everybody was expected to have an ingrained knowledge of knitting. With her stitch dictionaries and the confidence that I have gotten from Cookie A and Elizabeth Zimmerman, I am confident that I am able to dream up, design, and knit anything I can imagine.