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Day 12: Where do you keep your stash? Post pictures!

Stash 2015I keep most of my stash in big plastic bins in my closet. The smallest flat plastic bin holds all of my fiber stash for my spinning. The two largest bins are sorted by yarn weight. One of the bins holds sock yarn and the other bin holds anything from worsted weight to laceweight. Basically one bin holds sock yarn and the other bin holds everything else. Then the smallest bin holds yet more sock yarn. I might have a bit of a sock yarn problem, but it is better than having an addiction to lace weight yarn.

The second part of my stash is my handspun yarn stash that is kept with all of my other fiber supplies in my cabinet and stored in a handmade pink and yellow wicker basket that one of my old high school friends made for me. The other fibers that are kept in there is my learn-to-spin cotton kit which has all my pima cotton and my acala cotton, a bundle of denim lint, and a bundle of sari silk. Basically my cotton lint and the stuff to blend into my cotton.

Stash: Handspun 2015

And, of course there is my leftover sock yarn stash that I keep in this really nice snowman gift box. My mom gave me something one year for christmas and I liked it so much that instead of giving it back to her to re-use, I kept it to keep my leftover sock yarns in it. I have knit just enough that it is starting to get a little crowded and it really needs to be organized again.

Stash: Leftover Sock Yarn 2015This yarn will either be used for my growing hexiflat collection (the flat version of the hexipuffs of the Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits), mitered squares for my sock yarn blanket, or monstersocks (socks knit out of different balls of leftover sock yarn).

And that is the complete account of my stash. It is surprisingly fairly organized and I have a goal of keeping my stash this small so that I don’t go overboard on my budget and so I won’t lose any of my yarn. After all, I did buy it to knit with it and not to horde it.