Day 15: What was your least favorite pattern and why?

First, I want to apologize to any of my faithful readers that have been wondering where I was for the past few days because of my lack of updates. My computer recently got an upgrade to Windows 10 and I forgot to update my drivers. That means I was without internet without really realizing what was going on for the past three days. Of course, I can get online with my smart phone, but I can’t really blog from my phone. I have gone ahead and uploaded my posts to their proper days so everything is now nice and neat on the blog.

Moving on from my little unexpected computer disaster, today’s topic is a really hard one for me to do. I am in the habit of not keeping or downloading patterns that I don’t like because life is just too short to knit a pattern that you don’t really care for. Especially when you have a wonderful resource like Ravelry available.

beyond the ridge sock

picture courtesy of xrx books

I suppose that I do have some least favorite sock patterns though. After taking a flip through some of my sock books, especially Think Outside the Sox which is full of hit or miss socks, my least favorite sock has to be the Beyond the Ridge sock. I’m not sure why. I just don’t like the look of it so I don’t really care to read the pattern in detail and figure out how it was done.