Day 18: Do you knit English or Continental?

I knit English style, throwing my yarn with my right hand. I used to take my hand completely off the needles when I did it and I did so for years because I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. However, about a year ago I discovered I could knit even faster if I didn’t drop my right hand needle and just tossed the yarn over the tip of the needle.

I do want to learn how to knit Continental style better and I have knit with my yarn in my left hand before for a couple of stranded colorwork hats. I have heard that it is the best way to knit with two colors, but I am still not sure about it since Continental style knitting feels just so awkward to me. I also have heard that you can hold two colors in one hand using your pointer finger and your middle finger. That might be less awkward in the long run, but I am still not sure about it. I guess I will have to try both and see which one I like better in the long run.