Day 19: Do you watch movies and/or listen to podcasts while knitting? What are your favorite things to knit to?

This is one of those questions that doesn’t really have a solid answer because it depends on what I am knitting. I do watch movies, listen to podcasts, listen to music, or even watch my fiance play games while knitting, especially when I have an easy project like a simple scarf or vanilla socks. But sometimes, I just want to be alone with my knitting or I just don’t feel like watching or listening to anything. Other times the project is just demanding enough that I need quiet time with my project to really pay attention to what I am doing.

My favorite things to knit to are things that really don’t demand a lot of my attention since (even though I can knit without looking at my hands) most of the time I do look at my hands when I knit. That is just part of knitting for me and I really can’t imagine knitting without looking at how my project is going along, admiring the stitch pattern that I am doing, and generally gazing at the pretty colors in my yarn.

There is the rare occasion that I either read or surf Ravelry or other forums while I knit. I normally stick to a straight garter stitch project where I don’t have to pay attention to my work at all and just feel what I am doing. I used to do this most during college where I wanted to knit, but I really needed to do my homework assignment. The solution? Do both at the same time. This worked well for my science, art history, and political science classes because they had big textbooks that would stay open while I read them. Not so much for my constant English classes because the books didn’t lay flat. Of course, that was usually harder reading material, so it wasn’t smart to knit and read at the same time.

I am working on getting a new Kindle Voyage to replace my Kindle Keyboard that I used in college so I can start knitting and reading again because I like reading romance novels. And I am starting to get skilled enough with my knitting that I can start incorporating easy ribbing into my not-pay-attention-at-all knitting. I used to read more before college killed the joy of reading for me, but I am slowly starting to get it back.