Day 20: Do you knit in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?

Yes! I take my knitting out and about with me on various occasions for when I have to wait. Doctor’s appointment? Knitting is in. Dentist? Bring that project bag! Getting the car worked on? I really need something to do besides playing on my phone and I am in the middle of a sock, so I really need to bring my knitting.

Other times it is not so obvious and I get gently teased for bringing my knitting. Sometimes I take it out if we go to a sit down restaurant so I have something to do while we wait for our food and my fiance gets to stare at his phone so I get to knit. If we go out to the hookah lounge with a few friends, I also take my knitting along with me. If I am actively enjoying the hookah with my friends it gets a little more challenging to knit, but it is possible. I’ve only done that once and I discovered that it is a little bit more of a hassle, so I only really bring it out if we go over to my best guy friend’s house to indulge in his one hose hookah.

But the best part of taking my knitting out is the reactions I get out of people. Most of the time I find that people just ignore you because they are so lost in their own little world that they don’t notice. Other times you get brilliant conversations with people who also knit and wished that they brought their knitting out too to get their daily dose of yarn. But the best times are when non-knitters notice your work and either ask you questions or admire your project.

The best memory I have of knitting in public was when I took my fiance to the dentist one day and I decided to stay out in the car and just wait for him since he said it wouldn’t take that long. I was listening to music and had the air on when a lady knocked on my window to ask what I was doing. Surprised, I got out of the car and showed her what I was doing (knitting a sock) and how I was doing it. She was delighted to see it and told me that her mother had knitted for a short period of time but had never knit socks. We parted ways and I never saw her again, but I will always remember her.