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Day 23: If you had the supplies (and patience) for it, what project would you start today?
I have several dream projects that I would love to make like the Fourth Doctor Who scarf (which I actually have the supplies for now) and my sparkly Slytherin scarf made with Knit Picks Glimmer in Potion and Chrome. The point is it is a huge list and would take far too long to list all the projects that I would like to do one day if I had the time and materials. But, I have managed to narrow down my list to the top three things that I would like to make if I had the supplies, patience, and time for it.

Photo courtesy of talented designer Susan Pandorf via Ravelry

1. Evenstar Shawl

This shawl is the first on my list because it is really the one that is both possible to do and has the highest chance of me getting the materials pretty soon. I have a dream to spin and knit my own veil for my wedding and now that both my fiance and I have at least some part time jobs and are looking for better employment, it is time to start wedding planning for real (finally!).

I think this shawl is gorgeous and I would love to make it in a merino and silk blend with green, purple, and silver seed beads to match the colors in my engagement ring. My mom wants to get me the fiber because she wants to contribute to my wedding dress in a way that her mom never did for her, which I am so happy that she supports me. Now that I have done a practice run of spinning lace weight with alpaca, it is time to tell her that I am ready to get the fiber and start spinning for the shawl.

Picture from Vintage Ravelry pattern page

2. Vintage Socks

I have coveted these socks ever since I saw them on the Yarn Harlot’s blog when I first started knitting. They are amazingly detailed and complicated which makes me love them even more. Plus, they are inspired by a grape vine with colors inspired by different wines. They are the perfect fiddly socks!

The only sad part about this is that the amazingly talented designer Lissa Grossman aka the Tsock Tsarina passed away this year due to cancer. So far, nobody knows what is going to happen with her patterns (which are her legacy of her genius mind) or with the sock club that she had going on. It may be unlikely that I will ever be able to get a hands on a copy of any of her patterns, which I would be more than willing to pay for as long as the proceeds from purchasing her patterns went to her family.

Photo courtesy of Knitty.com

3. Big D-mn Pineapple Bag

I admit that compared to the other two this project may seem a bit ridiculous, but that is why I love it so much! It is a modern re-vision of a Victorian pineapple bag written by Franklin Habit. Not only is the Knitty article that goes along with the pattern laugh out loud hilarious, the bag has an option to be beaded. This really appeals to me because I would totally be that person to get as close as the vintage pattern as possible which means impossibly tiny needles and thousands of beads. And did I mention that it is a pineapple?