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Day 24: Have you ever made your own pattern or dyed your own yarn? How did it turn out?

I have fallen down the deep, deep hole of knitting customization a while ago when I started figuring out why my socks fit the way they do, so I have designed my own patterns. I haven’t designed any really fancy ones yet, but I have a basic sock recipe in my head and I do know how to turn the heel of a sock on my own without any written directions. I am working on some fancier designs based on some Marvel superheroes and I would like to offer them as my own pattern in Ravelry. I am not sure if I will share the design process on my blog or not, but I am writing down everything I do so I can transform my notes into an actual pattern for people to test knit.

My friend Laura was visiting from out-of-town when we both decided to try our hands at dyeing. We decided to try out Kool-Aid dyeing because it is both food-safe and it was supposed to be really easy to do. Of course, since Laura dabbles in crochet herself, we had to get her a big skein of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool for her to try out dyeing with while I split up a massive sixteen ounces of fiber into smaller, more manageable four ounce piles to dye.

We both had a blast! Not only was Kool-Aid dyeing quick, fun, and easy to do, we also had a good time gossiping and drinking wine. She mostly dyed her yarn different solid colors while I decided to experiment a little and throw in some purple with the pink to see what would happen. The best part is that even after the yarn and fiber had dried, there was still a slight fruity scent with some of the yarn. The blue raspberry lemonade has the strongest post-dye scent of the colors we used, but the combination of pink lemonade, sharkleberry fin, and grape smells exactly like cotton candy.
Kool-Aid Dyed Cotton Candy FiberI couldn’t tear myself away I have spent the last few days dyeing some more fiber into colors that will hopefully spin up into a wild and wacky yarn as well as splitting up a skein of Red Heart Heart & Sole into mini-skeins to dye and knit into hexipuffs. I am still in the middle of posing and taking pictures of my finished dry dye jobs, but the wet pictures still look gorgeous. I still have eight more ounces of fiber to dye in shades of pink and green and I am looking forward to dyeing the rest.