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I feel a little sad now that August is over and my 30 Day Knitting Challenge has ended. It was pretty fun to have a prompt to write to every day and helped me get into a blogging habit again. I have also learned a lot about my general posting wants and have decided that I will not be posting on my blog every day again for a little while. Instead, I will update this blog three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Since I spent a whole month not really talking about what I have been crafting, I thought I would take a day to share what I managed to get done in the month of August.

The biggest thing is that I learned how to dye fiber and yarn with Kool-Aid with the help of the Kool-Aid Dyeing Study Hall at Hogwarts at Ravelry. It is really fun and really easy to do. Surprisingly easy. I still have eight more ounces of fiber I want to dye pink and green, but I am waiting for the weekend that my parent’s will be out of the house (and I will be house/dog sitting) so we don’t get in each others way while I finish up my dyeing.

Aunt Kathy Sock Commission 2015My Aunt’s Sock Commission has been going very well. I have three out of the six socks done and all the solid and semi-solid colors have been knit. I do have a light gray tonal that I am going to be knitting, but since that has more shade variations than a semi-solid, I don’t really count that as a solid color. Strange, but it makes me happy to not be knitting just a solid gray anymore.

Fiance's Christmas Socks 2015I have also completed my fiance’s Christmas Socks! They are the Hermione Pattern (which is one of his favorite patterns) and knit in Knit Picks Felici Jingle. I think I might be in trouble because ever since I had him try on the first sock, he has been picking out colors from my Felici stash. They are the colors I first got for him so that’s fine, but now whenever it is in stock I’ll have to remember to show him the Felici colors. I also measured his toes and knit a three inch round toe that fits his foot perfectly. He has very long toes that I affectionately call “monkey toes” because he can pick small objects up with his feet.

Cotton Candy Spinning WIPThe last thing I’ve been doing is a little spinning of the pink and purple fiber I dyed up. I am trying out the long draw method to make my singles softer and fluffier before I ply it into (hopefully) fingering weight sock yarn. I have to remember to relax and let the yarn do its own thing instead of trying to control the fiber like I normally do with a short draw. It is different, but relaxing once you get it down.