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Beaded Hedera WIP 2I never realized that putting beads on your knitting could be so addicting. It is really subtle at first when you are trying to wrangle DPNs, yarn, beads, and whatever device you are using to put the beads on your knitting. The sewing needle can pierce your knitting and you feel so frustrated that you just want to throw it across the room!

Then it happens.

Slowly the pattern builds and you start to find yourself being distracted by the tiny shimmering beads. Your needles move ever so slightly when you knit, so the beads start catching every sliver of light. Then you find yourself tinking back because you forgot a crucial yarn over or that you were just so happening to do a decrease pattern this round.

Beaded Hedera WIP 3Yeah, beads are super addicting! I’m finding myself daydreaming of knitting at least another pair of these, maybe two. My mom would love a pair since watching me putting beads on has probably scared her away from attempting to put beads on her knitting for life. And she has been coveting these socks. I think she would like a pair of deep blue ones with gold beads on them. Or maybe a green pair with red or gold beads on them like her favorite animal: the red-eyed tree frog. And of course I would love a pair. I think I would add a little more beads to them though, but I’m not sure. These are coming out very sparkly with just the scattering of beads I have put on them so far.

They are surprisingly going pretty fast. I am about halfway done with the leg. I am getting three repeats of the lace pattern per inch and I’m going to be doing six inches before the heel flap. That means I’ll have 18 rows of beads coming down the sock. And while I’m calculating (for fun this time), I’m putting one bead on every repeat and there are three repeats per inch. So that means I’m putting on 21 beads on the sock every inch. That will make it 126 beads for the entire leg plus another 35 beads for the cast on. The entire amount of beads for one sock will be 161 and the total amount of beads for the complete pair totals out to 322.

That is astonishing! I have to admit that if I did that calculation before I started these socks, I might have chosen another pattern….might. I love how this is turning out too well to really care, but that is why I chose 8/0 beads instead of the bigger 6/0 beads. The bigger beads would make the sock heavy while these small beads just twinkle out of the knitting.

Construction-laborers2I want to take the time at the end of this blog post to say that this is Labor Day and that I am grateful for all of the laborers that help make the USA work smoothly. Including (but not limited to) trash collectors, postal serviceman, sewage workers, crosswalk guards, policeman, fireman, construction workers, and all of the other workers that have hard hours and plenty of physical labor. Thank you and I hope that all of you have a day off today with your families.