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Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Spoiler ShieldI haven’t only been knitting on beaded socks for my Aunt so far this month. There is also a pattern that makes my heart sing because of its geeky reference for Captain Picard’s love of Earl Grey tea. (Trivia Time: in real life, Patrick Stewart prefers Yorkshire Black tea, double bagged for easy brewing on the go.)

This pattern was cleverly named and designed by Heidi Nick for SKA’s September Mystery Sock (MOCK). You can download the Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. pattern for free currently on Ravelry. You don’t have to be part of the SKA group to play along and knit it, but to qualify for the group prizes you do. But, if you like the pattern, I would add it to your Ravelry library so that you can get the pattern for free because it might be changed to a paid pattern later on in the year.

I meant to have this post come directly after my Kinky Boots: Red Rant post because of the bead choice for this sock. I was debating over my bead choice for the longest time. I had narrowed the choice down to a nice gunmetal grey bead that blended into the steel grey yarn and a bright red bead that popped out brightly against the yarn. I was going to go for the subtle grey, but red is my favorite color. And the red rant from the movie sums up my feelings about red very, very nicely. Every so often when somebody says that they are not fond of red in anything, I end up quoting that scene with “but red is the color of anger and passion and sex, Charlie-boy!”

September Mock Clue 1Anyway, the first pattern clue is for the cuff and that came out at the very beginning of the month. Overall, the pattern isn’t that hard so far. It does have some beads in the cuff and the back of the cuff has more beads than the front, but the pattern is not difficult to follow. By the time I reached the first repeat, I had the cuff segment memorized and even the beading section didn’t take that long.

There isn’t much to say about the pattern so far because it is just the cuff. If you look closely at the back of the cuff (right hand picture), you can see that there is a column of twisted stitches on either side of the beading. I bet that is going to lead in to the pattern somehow. I am excited to see how the rest of the sock is going to turn out. I know we will have some lace and cables coming, so the leg should be very interesting to knit.