I doubt that there is an active knitter on the internet that has not heard of Knitty, the online free knitting magazine. I discovered them in my senior year of high school in 2008. Since then I have had access to a good resource of free knitting pattern with interesting details and lots of learning experiences.

The wonderful thing about Knitty is that it prides itself on being completely free. The only trouble is that it now needs some help to stay free and still being able to publish. That’s why Knitty is hosting a fund-raiser in order to help them stay free and still be able to operate. There are hidden fees for running a website and being able to collect good patterns to release them for free.

So, Knitty has chosen to go to Patreon which is like an ongoing Kickstarter to help them raise money to keep Knitty completely free for us while still being able to pay for their online space and to compensate the designers who submit their designs and columns to Knitty. Of course, in their Patreon page they say that we (the average knitter) do not have to pay for Knitty, but that if we decided to support for $2 an issue (or $8 for a year) then they will be able to keep producing. If not, then they will still try to produce for as long as they can, but that eventually they will have to shut their doors.

Even if you can’t or do not wish to support Knitty, then please spread awareness about their campaign. It would be a shame to lose Knitty as a knitting resource, so even if it is a really bad time for your in your life, spread the word so that somebody else might hear about it and help.