Normally, I love complicated and fiddly patterns that require me to pay attention to them. The complicated ones are really fun to knit because they force me to stretch my skills a bit and they almost always end up being much easier than they look. By the time you get done you feel like you have accomplished a little bit of knitting magic and everybody just goes bananas over your work. It is an awesome feeling.

But, recently, I have just been starving to knit on something plain in the round so I can have endless rows of stockinette. I feel like I’ve been a little stressed out recently and I have nothing on the needles to relax me since both of my knitting projects work with lace and beads. A perfectly fine thing, but I just want something simple. I know I could just cast something else on, but the only other thing I want to knit I really want to use a very fiddly cast-on with it, but I just can’t get motivated to do it.

So, if the blog seems a little slow recently, it is because my knitting mojo is a little out of whack right in the middle of beaded socks and I don’t really feel like spinning. I just might have to cast-on something really simple until I get past my period of knitting funk since I have been thinking about knitting, but not wanting to knit.