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Remember when I was complaining about wanting to knit on something deadly simple? I was tired of all the lace and beads and fiddly work as well as a little burnt out from life in general?

Well, I fixed that by casting on a brand new hat. I have some Knit Picks Palette in Lipstick that I got for a hat a long time ago.

Chainmail Hat WIP

There is nothing quite like 1×1 ribbing in the round. It is delightfully mind numbing and perfect for knitting when you just don’t want to think. This small bit of ribbing will eventually turn into a nice folded brim for a hat. I like my brims to be two inches folded when I knit them, so that means I will have a good slog of four inches to knit before I am ready to knit the body of the hat.

Chainmail Hat WIP 2

The only fiddly part to the hat so far is that I sat down and did a tubular cast on for the brim. I just love how this looks with ribbing. Simple and clean. I know that nobody will probably be looking at my hat from that close, but I just love how the ribbing just appears to start with no hard edge. I only hope that the hat doesn’t turn out too big. I used the cast on number from the Sockhead hat pattern as a starting guideline and it looks a little big with the 1×1 ribbing. I am pretty sure that it will work out fine though since the stitch count per inch I’m getting is supposed to be smaller than the actual measurement from my head.