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hello-october1. Falling leaves in red, orange, and yellow. Chilly fall breezes. Apple season. October is one of my favorite months of the year.

2. Plus Halloween. I mean, Halloween is awesome.

3. So are lists. Lists are pretty awesome too. Especially when not much has been going on.

4. Except for socks, of course. Nice pretty grey socks with cream soda rainbow beads.

Beaded Hedera WIP 65. Which you really can’t see the true color on with my camera most of the time. You will just have to trust me that the beads are very lightly pink with a nice rainbow sheen and really not a light sparkly gray.

6. I have one more week in October and then I’m going on vacation to see my Grandpa and my Aunt. She is super excited about getting some of her socks and I am super excited about not paying for postage.

7. It’s the little things that count. Really.