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Kool Aid Spinning WIPSince I’ve been in the middle of all of this sock knitting, I decided that I needed a little spin break. So, what is my spinning project? Sock yarn, of course!

I’ve been spinning up the fiber that I dyed with some Kool-Aid back in the middle of August. Even though it has been over two months, it does still smell faintly of cotton candy Kool-Aid.

This is my first time spinning wool with the long draw technique. The singles are coming out nice and thin, so I am pretty sure that I am going to hit my goal of spinning a fingering weight yarn. The long draw technique should trap more air in my singles which means that even if I ply it firmly, it should come out nice and squishy like more commercial yarns. The only thing I’m not sure about is if I’m going to be able to fit all the fiber on one bobbin or if I am going to end up spinning two bobbins worth of singles. I am just going to have to keep spinning to find out!