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I have been spinning like a mad woman and I don’t really know what has put me in such a spinning mood. All I know is that I really can’t get enough of it. Not only have I been playing on my wheel every night when I got home from work, I also brought out my spindles and found some unfinished projects to work on.

Let’s talk about my wheel spinning first! I have been spinning my hand dyed “cotton candy” fiber and I finished spinning the singles. The entire four ounces did not fit on one bobbin, so I have a smaller amount on one bobbin. I am pretty sure that I managed to spin it thin enough to have it end up as a fingering weight yarn when I ply it, but I have two ways of doing that right now. I could chain ply it and turn it into a three ply yarn which would be rounder and slightly smoother. Or I could wind it into a center pull ball and two ply it which would make it thinner, but more likely to break quicker if I managed not so spin a solid single.

Since I really want to make socks out of this fiber, I’m going to try to chain ply it starting with the smaller amount. If it turns out too thick then I will two ply the bigger amount. The only “trouble” with chain plying is that the colors will be more separated so I will have sections of mostly pink, mostly purple, and white in my yarn. But that is the nature of chain plying and I don’t mind too much. I just want a usable sock yarn amount.

Depot Silk Spinning WIPThe second thing that I finished spinning the singles for was a silk hankie that I bought from Knit Picks a long time ago in the Depot Bay colorway. I first got a silk hankie to knit a pair of fingerless mittens out of it, but I pre-drafted the fiber too thin and it didn’t work out. So, instead of scrapping the whole thing, I decided to spin the rest of the silk hankie on my new (at the time) Golding Tsunami.

I love this little spindle. It is 0.5 ounces and is a little speed demon. I have a feeling it will spin the perfect lace yarn and possibly a nice three ply yarn as well. If I take a spindle out as a demo, I would take this one and spin something with ply on the fly so people can actually see what the finished yarn would look like. I probably wouldn’t be able to get very big amounts on it, so I would have a lot of smaller balls. I have been slightly spoiled by being able to spin big amounts on my wheel. Anyway, I am planning to two ply this silk on my wheel and see the yardage that I get off of it. I could ply it on the spindle, but plying on the wheel is a lot faster.

July 2014 Cotton SamplingThe last thing that I found was a bunch of cotton spinning I did back in July 2014. I had taken some of my cotton and split it up into samples when I first got my cotton cards.

The two white hanks are just plain Pima cotton carded and spun up. I was working on my carding technique. I remember it being slightly challenging just because those were my very first punis.

The bright blue hank is some more Pima cotton dyed with Jim Holtz Distress Stain. It says that it is fluid dye for papers and porous surfaces. I read that people were staining cotton ribbons, cotton fabrics, and cotton flowers, so I thought that it might work with regular cotton. I have no idea if it is colorfast yet because I haven’t gotten it wet, but so far the color seems to be holding true.

The last hank on the far left is Pima cotton carded with some denim waste I bought for carding. I remember this one being the most difficult to spin because the denim waste had such a short staple length and I couldn’t get it to card nicely. It turned out really nice and I really want to card up enough to make some fingerless mittens out of it.