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I am taking a couple of days off of work to go on vacation with my family to go visit my Aunt Kathy and Grandpa Henry in Ohio. It is really exciting because this is the first real vacation I have taken since I graduated college (by “real vacation” I mean I actually have paid vacation time from work). The only bad part about this is that we are determined to only take one car to save on gas and that means I will have to ride in the back seat.

Either way, vacation time means vacation knitting! I have a few ideas about what would make a good travel project, but I have to be careful to keep it simple. Ever since I started driving, I have been getting motion sickness when I am forced to be a passenger for some reason. I am hoping that if I keep to a simple project that I don’t have to look at my hands for, then I will be able to do something in the car so I don’t get really bored during the trip.

Option 1: A scarf

Option 2: A good old fashioned plain vanilla sock

If I go with option one, I would want to stick with an easy stitch like garter stitch or ribbing. Actually, ribbing might be a little too difficult to do without looking at all, so I would have to stay with garter because I don’t have to look at my hands to just knit.

In fact, that might be the perfect time to remake my ruffle scarf that I made three years ago. I used eight stitches but only one ball of yarn and it came out far too short for me, so it went to live with my girlfriend who loves it and who likes to have shorter fashion scarves. I have three more balls of this exact colorway in my stash so I could easily re-make it much bigger and slightly differently. That way it would be longer so I would actually wear it this winter.

KnitPicks Felici Glacier

Option two would be even easier, but it would require just a little bit of prep work before the trip. The last time KnitPicks had Felici in stock my fiance just fell in love with some of the colors. One of the colors he fell in love with was Glacier. I could easily cast on and do an inch of ribbing before the trip and then have hours of stockinette stitch before the heel and on the foot of the sock. To make things even easier, I could always do a “forethought” heel and just transfer the sock over to some waste yarn when I was ready to start the toe. That way, I could just do the ribbing, the leg, and the foot and leave the heel and the toe for when I get home and can pay attention to decreases.

Now that I think about it, I just may pack both projects for the car so I have some variety. One project that will go quickly and look really fancy; one project in a fine gauge that will take hours because I’m knitting for a big foot. That might be the perfect balance.