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I have had a super busy week since I have been back from vacation. I knew that taking a whole two days off of work would make my workload sky-high and I was prepared for that. What I wasn’t prepared for was the near constant running of chores, post-vacation cleaning, oil changes and car inspections, and making sure there would be food on the table for my family for the past few days since nobody else wanted to cook.

While I enjoy traveling and enjoy seeing places and people that I don’t get to see often, it is sure nice to be back at home in my own bed with my own stuff around me. The weather was really nice to travel in and we left early enough that I got to see most of the sunrise on the return trip. (The going-there trip was filled with intermittent napping, which is my normal being a passenger on car trips.) My extended family (Aunts, Uncle, and Grandpa featured above) was delighted to see me since I couldn’t come on a family trip last time and they were all asking about my fiance who was stuck at home working.

The biggest achievement of the trip was discovering that it was smooth enough in my dad’s car that I was able to knit for most of the car trip. I had a brief hiccuup on the way back because my second ball of sock yarn got tangled. Luckily, we were only about an hour away and the audiobook (The Martian by Andy Weir) was thoroughly entertaining so I wasn’t too fussed about my inability to knit.

20151019_100714Speaking of knitting, my traveling project of choice did end up being a fine gauge pair of socks for my fiance with Knit Picks Felici in Glacier. The yarn is super pretty even though it is really hard to see when the lightest color change happens. I did decide to cast off half my stitches and then cast on the same half when I got to the part for the heel. I am not sure how comfortable it will be since it does have a pronounced ridge where I picked up the heel, but my fiance is willing to be the test dummy. I’m going ahead and doing a straight afterthought heel on the second sock so he can tell the difference. If anything, I’ll just have to rip out the heel and then cut the stitches and re-knit the heel if he finds them too uncomfortable.

The only bad thing that happened on the trip was that I forgot to pack Aunt Kathy’s socks! I had them all stacked up in a nice, neat little pile and I completely forgot to pack them in my suitcase. We all had a laugh about that and I’m going to send them all to her when I am done with the big bundle.

As far as last week went, lets just say that I am a big enough influence at my library to have encouraged our DVD purchaser (also known as my boss) to purchase Elizabeth Zimmerman’s The Knitting Workshop. I am nearly done with the DVD so look forward to a review on it soon.