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Just a Picnic BlanketI have been asked before why I would ever want to knit a blanket. After all, blankets are big and bulky. They use a lot of yarn and a lot of the time blankets are better crocheted than knitted because they hold up better.

But, knitted blankets have a charm of their own. They have a marvelous drape and can be made completely in garter stitch. Though, I might have a bias towards garter stitch because I already made a complete blanket with it. After spending five years with the nubbly texture, you tend to either completely hate the stitch and not wanting to look it in the face or love it to death.

Either way, a handmade blanket can be super comforting on a trip. As you can see, I brought mine as an afterthought on our trip. It ended up keeping me warm in the car, comforted me when I was away from my bed, and doubled as a nice (if a tad small) picnic blanket on the way home. My entire family was grateful that I brought it with us since they would have had to end up sitting on the cold damp ground without it.

Forget Me Not BlanketBut a handmade blanket can be more than just a comforting thing to have when you are out and about. For most people that make them, a blanket is one of the most practical expressions of love out there. For instance, I still have my blanket that my Aunt Ruth made for me when I was still floating around in my mother’s womb. I don’t remember ever not having my blanket since I always had it with me when I was feeling upset or lonely. It was my magic carpet. The ceiling of a blanket fort. An emergency pillow. And a reminder that I had a bigger family out there that loved me that wasn’t just my mom and my dad.

Granny Square Blanket BlueEven better, blankets can be handed down and used for more than one generation. One of the blankets that I have on my bed right now is just a simple granny square blanket with tassels at each end. My mom made it when she and my dad first got married and they didn’t really have anything big enough to put on their bed. She gave it to me when my fiance moved in with me so we would have a blanket big enough to keep us warm at night.

As you can see, blankets are awesome and can be used for so much more than just keeping warm.

Have you knit a blanket yet? How did it turn out? Would you ever consider knitting another one?