There is one tell-tale sign that a Knitter has too many projects going on at one time: when she runs out of needles. It is at such a time that the Knitter might get a little desperate. You might see her running around with a notebook in hand scribbling down notes and muttering things like “cable pattern” or “sock decreases”. You might spy her at the computer frowning at different websites and muttering such things as “not needing more needles” while she looks from side to side, trying to hide what she is looking at.

The Knitter already knows the talk that you might have for her. How she is an official adult now and needs to start acting like one. How she is happiest when she doesn’t have a half dozen projects going at one time. Yes, you are serious. Yes, you are sure that having two of the same pattern in two different colors on two different needles actually counts as two projects since you know that she can’t deal with mis-matching socks that aren’t on purpose.

This, my dear and gentle reader, is the time where the Knitter might be at her most dangerous. She doesn’t want to be reasoned with. She doesn’t want to be coddled. She just wants to knit the things she wants to knit. And it is getting her a little antsy that something is preventing her from knitting that item she wants to knit and devil be damned if she should have to finish something before she can do it. The Knitter is not a reasonable creature at times and you should never expect her to be.

So, as a non-knitter, there are a few things that you can do to console her.

  1. Clean up the house so that your Knitter feels less stressed about getting everything done. The more “unfinished projects” she sees around the house, the more punchy and irritable she might get when her knitting doesn’t go her way. Even helping with one little thing will alleviate some pressure (real or imaginary) from your Knitter’s mind.
  2.  Make your Knitter a nice meal to show her that she is loved and secure. Sometimes, the overwhelming panic of having too much stuff to do covers everything up and makes the little disasters into huge panic-ridden horror monster.
  3. If you know your Knitter well and are well-acquainted with her stash, take out a couple of skeins that you know she has around to “pet” and not necessarily to knit with. Warning: this may be counter-productive and make your Knitter get more restless with not finishing up certain projects. Use this one as a last resort.

If need be, just surround the Knitter with the projects that she already has and let her to her own devices. Eventually, the Knitter will disappear for a while and come out with a new outlook on life. It turns out that she doesn’t need another set of needles all along since here they are in her hand!

For your sake, and hers, don’t point out that those needles came from the sock project she is now wearing on her feet. That simple statement might kick you off the “Knitworthy” list for good this time.