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Sometimes there is nothing as satisfying as winding a couple of balls of yarn. It is strangely soothing to put a hank of yarn on the swift and then enjoy hours of meditative winding. I wind my yarn by hand using a nostepinne, so I have a comfortable hand hold for my yarn ball and the center of the ball will be hollow. That means the center can collapse on itself and the overall tension on the ball won’t be too tight so the yarn won’t stretch too much in storage. Not that I have to worry about that much anyway because I only wind yarn balls close to when I am going to use them.

I like winding yarn by hand because I now have enough practice that I can make my yarn balls nice and flat on both top and bottom. It is so satisfying to see a mess of a ball turn out to a nice professional flat bottomed ball. Not to mention you have the ability to check for any possible knots in the yarn before you start knitting with it.

How do you wind your yarn? By hand, using a ball winder, or something else? Please share in the comments how you like to wind your yarn and why.