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I have to admit that I have a weakness for the wild and crazy, the mellow and subdued, and the all-out randomness of handpainted yarn. I fall in love with different colors as they appear in the skein and always wonder why I haven’t tried to knit with them more than I have. Then I remember the horror stories that people have about unfortunate pooling of colors on items and horrible results even on socks and I back off just a bit.

But, I think I have finally discovered the secret of making handpainted yarn behave: nine stitches to the inch.

Herbal Wreath Ribbed Socks WIPTo be perfectly honest, I haven’t made enough socks using variegated yarn to see if this is actually true or not, but the last two pairs I have made has the colors spiraling around the socks and minuscule pooling (if any at all) on the gusset area. The only pair of socks I had wild flashing on was a pair I made out of Panda Cotton back when I was getting ten stitches to the inch and didn’t know it.

I didn’t like how the socks were turning out at first. It took one of my brilliant co-workers to point out that I was probably overthinking it because the colors are randomized and the only spiraling color was the brown. Sometimes we need to be reminded to not be as judgmental on our projects because now I have happy thoughts of mint chocolate chip ice cream when I think of this project. I don’t think I will pick up this color again (KP Stroll Handpainted in Herbal Wreath), but I am happy with how the socks are coming out. Best of all, I am enjoying knitting simple ribbing right now and that is all that matters.