Halloween BannerPeople who know me are always surprised to learn that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year because I am known in my circle of friends to be a bit of a coward. The modern day zombies terrify me. I hate being jump-scared in the middle of the night. I was even afraid of Scooby Do cartoons when I was a child.

What I love about Halloween is the same reason why I used to love taking walks in the middle of the night in a star light field during the witching hour on my (very secure) college campus. There is something about the very atmosphere of being utterly and completely alone when the rest of the place is asleep. The light is softer and gives a certain glow to the world that it makes it feel like you are in a whole other place. The silence and calm makes the world so still that you can hear every creak of the trees out in the wilderness, every insect that is still out, and (if you are completely alone) sometimes you can even feel your own heart beat.

Of course, now that I am back in the real world and away from the security of being on a campus in the middle of nowhere, I don’t get to take the three AM walks anymore, but I find that I can still capture a similar feeling through poetry. So, I decided to mix it up and share a bit of poetry with my lovely readers for this Halloween.

The Haunting by Richard Jones

In screaming woods and empty rooms
or gloomy vaults and sunken tombs
where monks and nuns in dust decay
and shadows dance at close of day.

Where the bat dips on the wing
and spectral choirs on breezes sing;
Where swords of ancient battles clash
and shimmering shades for freedom dash.

Where silver webs of spiders weave
and blighted lovers take their leave
Where curses lay the spirits low
and mortal footsteps fear to go.

Where death holds life in grim embrace
its lines etched on the sinners face
Where e’er the march of time is flaunted
voices cry – “this place is haunted.”

For those of you who are trick or treating and those of you who just decide to celebrate by watching B-rated horror flicks, Happy Halloween!