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Nothing really special ever happens on my birthday, unless you count Election Day when it falls on the first Tuesday in November. As a kid, I rarely had my birthday off of school and now as an adult I am used to working on my birthday, even if I would rather take the day to sleep in and do whatever I want. So, in the few minutes I have to myself, I am going to do what I want for just a little bit: collect and count my knitting Works-in-Progress.

November WIPs

  1. Beaded Hedera socks for my Aunt
  2. Plain Ribbed Herbal Wreath Socks for my Aunt
  3. Vanilla Glacier socks for my fiance
  4. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. socks for myself

Tonight, I am going to have a home cooked meal and an awesome cake to celebrate with my family and a couple friends. Even though I have to wake up and act like a normal adult for just another day, today is going to be a good day!