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We all know it comes, every year without fail: shopping season. Those of us that haven’t been blessed with Local Yarn Stores adopt various online stores to fill that void for us. And many of them have their own version of Black Friday sales. It just so happens that this year, Knit Picks has decided to launch their 2015 Big Sale a week early, well before the more traditional Cyber Monday date. And what do they have?

Felici Sock Yarn and a special speckled Hawthorne specially dyed for the 2015 Cyber Shopping Season.

And if that isn’t bad enough, they have a certain grail colorway that a certain group of sci-fi time traveling nerds just love: Time Traveler. Being a self-professed sci-fi time traveling nerd myself, I think back to my very first pair of fingering weight socks made out of this colorway that were actually a little too small to wear comfortably.

Of course, there are quite a few colorways that appeal to both me and my fiance. He happens to like the strong blue/green colorways of Nassau and the slightly more blue/purple Surf’s Up. Of course, he has liked Baker Street since I first got my two skeins in the last time Felici was up. I was drawn right away to the soft and delicate pastel Teaparty as well as the much deeper and richly colored Madrigal. What is a girl to do when that happens?

The answer?

Felici Stash Enhancement Winter 2015

Buy it all, of course! I managed to hold out until the official Black Friday sales where Knit Picks decided to have everything on their site 20% off. That means that I was able to get nearly $100 worth of Felici for a mere $72. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get my hands on any of the speckled Hawthorne, but I will glady have a few more balls of soft and durable Felici to make warm socks for me and my fiance.

The wonderful Felici collage only features the newest colors to my stash of Felici and leaves out the two newest balls of Baker Street and the four balls each of Rainbow and Time Traveler. The runaway favorite of this batch has to be the Madrigal and the least impressive is Candy Jar (featured in between Teaparty and Fanciful on the right hand side). Of course, I am reserving my final judgement of Candy Jar until I actually get it knit up into a pair of socks. Sometimes a color isn’t very impressive in the ball, but it is wonderful in the knitted object.

Did you get to indulge in any wonderful soft yarny goodness this year? What did you get? Let me know in the comments!