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I have come to the conclusion that if you spend any length of time knitting things for other people, you become infected with the compulsive desire to knit things for the holidays to give to your family and friends. The year before last, I succumbed to the desire in a big way and knit matching Christmas socks for the entire family. I didn’t succeed in making them on time and my fiance only got his pair last summer. This year I decided that I wasn’t going to make anything for anybody this holiday. Everyone would have to rely on store bought items.

Then my fiance and I helped move his best buddy into his very first apartment. It wasn’t much and it was still located above his parent’s house, but it is his very own space with his very own kitchen. The very moment I took in the Moroccan yellow walls and stark white trim, I decided that he needed some dishcloths.

Sugar & Creme RedLuckily, he is very knitworthy and has used our knitted dishcloths when he has helped with the dishes. I have no problem knitting some for him and I even told him I would like to (and got a very enthusiastic SURE! as a response). My fiance and I stopped by AC Moore on the way home and picked up three balls of red dishcloth cotton. We couldn’t find the right shade of yellow, but this shade of red will go perfectly with those yellow walls. I can get about two dishcloths out of one ball and I am going to make a couple of striped ones with white, so he can get a good bundle of dishcloths.

The thing he doesn’t know is that he is going to get them bundled together with his first cookbook. After all, you have to make some dishes in order to use dishcloths!