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I have to admit that I do know that I was absent for almost the entire month of November from this little blog and the last thing that you heard for sure that I am working on a few knitted dishcloths. I am still working on the set of six knitted socks for my Aunt’s Big Sock Commission™. I feel like the most boring knitter in the world with them currently because they aren’t big or bold or flashy. They are just simple ribbed socks with a plain foot in a reasonably conservative color…and they are Comfort Knitting 101.


The world and my life have been going a little crazy. My fiance and I just got over winter head colds. Between that and the stress of the holidays combined with the pressure of being old enough to want our own place, but not having enough money to get our own place, we have both been a little exhausted the past few months. We are still living in the basement of my parent’s house. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful they are helping us like this and that they are not kicking us out, but I really wish we had our own space to live. Being able to just sit down (even if it is just for five minutes a day) and knit a few rows of a simple sock is very comforting. It is the knitting equivalent of chicken noodle soup.

But plain socks make for very boring blogging. What have you guys been knitting on?