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Aunt Kathy’s Big Sock Commission™ is slowly coming to an end! With the completion of the Simply Ribbed Herbal Wreath socks, I only have two more pairs to go. Honestly, it is more like a pair and a half to go since I have already finished one sock out of the Beaded Hedera socks. The only problem is trying to decide which socks to work on next.

I can either continue with the Beaded Hedera Socks or start a new pair of socks with the last ball of yarn. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each one.

Beaded Hedera

Pros: I only have to knit one more sock to get a complete pair. If I work an inch or two each night then I will be able to finish the pair before Christmas, which is always a good thing. Then I can free up my needles to work a different pair of socks.

Cons: Beads. Lots and lots of fiddly, sparkly beads and all I have to put them on is a needle and thread. If I actually had a crochet hook small enough to put the beads on it wouldn’t be so bad. The needle and thread can easily split my yarn if I am not paying attention and that is why it goes so slowly.

New Socks

Pros: They are new! Something new to work on that isn’t grey! Instead they will be a pastel variegated colorway named Sweetie from Stroll Handpainted. And I have been wanting to knit another pair of Monkey socks because it is one of my favorite Cookie A designs.

Cons: They might take me longer to finish depending on the pattern and I would have to knit two of them back to back since this pair is currently non-existant. It also means leaving the fiddly beads for last.

As you can see, there are some really strong reasons with finishing the lovely beaded socks. But there is the draw of something shiny and new. What would you do? Comment below!