There have been many posts on Ravelry about the size of one’s yarn stash. People talk about how much yarn they have. People agonize about the size of their stash compared to others. People offer help on what type of yarn to stash or what type of yarn not to stash. There is a place to sort and organize your stash. There is a place to sell your stash or try to trade parts of your stash for other yarns you would like to add to your stash. They even have a yearly thread on flashing your stash.


There have been jokes made about stash. Countless memes about buying, hoarding, collecting, and stashing yarn. It is just one of those things where everybody has an opinion about stash. Even if you don’t knit or crochet, you have an opinion of people stashing away yarn to use or not use. But at what point does the joking about stash turn around and start becoming a problem?


I think this is a different point for everybody, but I also think that everybody does have a point where whatever they own becomes a problem. It could be clothes, it could be nail polish, it could be games, it could be clown figurines, and it could be yarn.


I will be the first to admit that I have a rather large yarn stash coupled with a medium sized fiber stash. I do know and can tell you how much yarn I have off the top of my head. It is still small enough that I know most of the brands of yarn that I have, but it is big enough to have 179 stash entries in Ravelry. Basically, it is big enough that I am starting to feel uncomfortable buying any more yarn.

I have hit the reality that I am buying yarn to just buy yarn and while it is not cutting into my budget in a negative way, if I continue to buy yarn at this rate I will have a problem.

So, what does this mean?

I have discovered that I want to buy lots of yarn, but not using my yarn is making me feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied with the yarn I do have.

It is a couple of days until Christmas and I am sure that I will get some sort of yarn. I also want to put in one last yarn order to Knit Picks to get a couple of skeins that will be discontinued as well as pick up some yarn for some projects that I have been wanting to make for months. Starting 2016, I am going to work only from my yarn stash and not buy any more yarn for an entire year*. To keep myself honest, I’ll also be starting a series of blog posts looking at how and why stash happened for me.

I hope some of you will either join me or just read along as I spend a year of using my stash yarn.




*Except for one month because my Mom and I are planning to go to the New York Sheep and Wool festival, but my yarn buying habits might have changed by then.