Things to Do for Christmas Morning:

  1. Try to sleep in even though you always wake up early for some mythical reason that you will never understand.
  2. Feel slightly ridiculous that you feel bad for waking up early. You are an adult now. You can wake up early and make coffee for the other adults in your house.
  3. Wake up your Significant Other even though you are trying to be quiet.
  4. Finally get upstairs to gather with your family. Have a mental debate with yourself if you should act like an adult and eat breakfast or try to convince your family to let you open one gift and then eat.
  5. Take out your knitting and wait for Dad to cook his Christmas Breakfast. Try not to stare at the tree.
  6. Help rid up the breakfast dishes. Know that your entire family is suspicious of you being extremely helpful.
  7. Try not to be too bouncy while waiting for your Mom to take her annual Christmas Tree picture.
  8. Eyeball your Christmas stocking. Wonder if you should go to the stocking first and then open presents.
  9. Contain your excitement by handing out presents for everybody else because you are so excited for everybody else to get their gifts.
  10. Finally, open your own PRESENTS! Yay!

Have a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful time with your family!