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Completed Projects 2015

When did end of the year posts become a thing that every crafting blogger does? I have no idea, but I love seeing them because it really puts it in perspective exactly how much (or how little) you actually got done during the year. My little round-up post of only eleven finished projects may not seem like much, but compared to the eight projects I finished in 2014, it is a whole lot more than I have been doing recently.

I also like seeing how many of what type of projects I have done during the year. This year may not have lots of stuff in it, but in total there is quite a lot of knitting to be tallied up.

In 2015, I made:

  1. Two dishcloths
  2. Eight teeny-tiny chickens
  3. One six foot scarf
  4. Five pairs of socks
  5. One mending project with a teeny baby sweater

I did learn a very important thing this year: teeny tiny chickens are a pain in the butt to make (even though they are adorable) and all of my knitting (except for one project) was either on commission or as a gift for other people. As much as I love knitting, I think I want to take a breather from knitting only for other people and knit some for myself (and my fiance) next year.

Have a Happy New Year!