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While I love knitting socks and find great pleasure in finding new ways to turn a heel, sometimes you just want to knit something different. This time, different comes in the form of cheery red dishcloth cotton.

Moss stitch Dishcloths WIP

As I mentioned in my WIP Wrangle, my fiance’s best friend Iman is extremely knitworthy. He loves hand knits in any shape and form from blankets and socks to dishcloths. He especially likes that ones that my Mom has knit with a simple crochet border on them and has admired the faded ones most often. So, I decided that a few dishcloths of his own would be the perfect apartment-warming gift.

I didn’t get these done in time for Christmas by any long shot, but I did decide to make them nice and big for maximum cleaning area. I wasn’t sure how many to make, so I had my fiance pick me up three balls of Sugar ‘n Cream cotton (while bemoaning the loss of my beloved Peaches ‘n Cream). Will decided that the cheery bright red would be just the thing to go with Iman’s Moroccan yellow kitchen while still coordinating with the rest of his stuff. While he doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe different colors, my fiance has a really good eye. (And yes, he willingly goes yarn shopping with me.)

After browsing through my trusty stitch dictionary, I did decide on moss stitch after reading Ms Walker declare that it creates a pleasing nubby effect (perfect for scrubbing dishes) and that:

…it should not be confused with Seed Stitch, as the latter changes from knit to purl stitches on every row whereas Moss Stitch every other row.

I had been using Moss Stitch interchangeably with Seed Stitch because I had read early on in my knitting career that our dear neighbors from across the pond called it that and I was a slight Anglophile/snotty academic teenager who thought I was better than my peers when I first learned how to knit. (Luckily, I am over that stage.) Now that I have actually seen how different Moss Stitch is from Seed Stitch, I will be calling them by their proper names from now on.