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I am horribly indecisive when it comes down from picking things from a menu at a restaurant (fast food or sit down, it doesn’t matter) and the same holds true with trying to buy yarn from a store. I am just so spoiled for choice that I can’t seem to narrow down my options and just pick something. It got even worse when I decided that it was my very last yarn order from the year. What if I forgot to pick something up that I really, really wanted and it disappeared from Knit Picks forever?

Luckily, I gave myself a dollar limit and once I settled on what projects I really wanted to work on, choosing most of the yarn I really, really wanted was pretty easy.

Last KnitPicks Order of 2015

What did I pick?

  1. Stroll Handpainted in Hollywood and Chelsea
  2. Stroll Solids in Dogwood Heather, Evergreen, and Black
  3. Palette in Blush x2, Sky x2, and Finnley Heather x2
  4. Swish in Wonderland Heather, Sugar Plum, Carnation, and Green Tea Heather

And while these next items aren’t exactly yarn, I also got a couple of extra things.

  1. Clear 8/0 Seed Beads
  2. Jane Austen Project Bag
  3. Yarn Talk Tote Bag*

If you think that there must be a reason that most of the yarn I got this time are coordinating colors, then you would be right! I actually did something slightly different with this order and ordered batches of yarns to make certain projects. The only extra purchases on this list were the seed beads, the Jane Austen project bag, the tote bag, and the Stroll Handpainted in Chelsea. Overall, I am very pleased with the self-control I displayed before I even launched the Year of Stash Less.




*I got lucky with the tote bag because KnitPicks had an offer of a free tote bag. Luckily, I didn’t get anything extra to qualify for the tote addition, so it was pretty nice.