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I have been talking about reducing the size of my stash a lot recently, but I haven’t ever talked about what is currently in my stash. After all, it will be hard to see where I have actually come from if I never set up a starting point.


Flash the Stash 2016: Group Shot

It was difficult to get up high enough to get all of my yarn into the picture. I do realize that it isn’t the best quality (especially in the upper right hand corner), but I managed to get it all in. As you can see, I had to sit on the counter in my room to get it all in.

I have so much more yarn than I thought I had. This took up nearly all of my floor space in front of my bed. In fact, if I didn’t have a bed I could probably have put a fitted sheet on top of all of my yarn and use it quite comfortably as a queen sized mattress. The fact that I manage to squeeze in all this yarn into just two big bins and one little bin is astounding.

I am lucky that most of this stash is sock yarn which is my favorite size of yarn to work with. Luckier still, I actually have projects planned out for at least a quarter of this pile (plans further than this color would make a nice sock), so I have some projects to work with before I might get stuck in a rut. This includes yarn for two scarves, two shawls, at least one blanket, and two sweaters so I am really not worried about complaining about my lack of creative projects. In fact, after getting over the shock of seeing just how much yarn I have, I am feeling very positive over the sheer variety of projects that I can work this year without having to buy any yarn.


Flash the Stash 2016: Spinning Fiber

On the other hand, I am quite comfortable with the size of my fiber stash. Granted, it doesn’t fit into the under-the-bed size tub that I currently have it all in (the raw fleece and the 16 ounce ball of white Shetland fiber), but I am very comfortable with its size. I have enough fiber to confidently spin the weight of yarn I like the most (fingering weight) and a whole lot of cotton to spin up which loves to be spun super fine. Lots of spinning time here!

KnitPicks Stash 2016Since it took me three hours to lay out all of my stash and figure out how to fit it all in one picture, I didn’t break it up into a lot of different smaller units like I had planned to. What I did do was separate my Knit Picks yarn into a different group just to see how much yarn I had that was from Knit Picks since it is my favorite online yarn store (and the first store that I found since I began knitting). I found out that just about half my stash of yarn was Knit Picks yarn.

Overall, my favorite yarn from them (according to the yarn in my stash at least) is the Felici sock yarn which spans the entire right hand side of the picture. My most popular colors are the eye-searing neon pink Pucker in Stroll and the Rainbow Felici which both come in at ten balls each. However, the most colors that I have that is destined to be one project is Wool of the Andes Sport in the upper left hand side of the picture. Those of you who love a certain time traveling doctor will notice right away that those are Dr Who colors. Yes, there is a Dr Who scarf in the works.

So, this is the starting point of my stash. It is a whole lot bigger than I thought it would be and it took me by surprise exactly how big it had gotten. I am looking forward to reducing my stash into a more manageable size for me and seeing exactly how much I knit during the course of a year.