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12479458_936033933153168_1959202458_nIt always feels fantastic to finish something and get it off the needles! I always feel accomplished after finishing something, even after twelve years of knitting. After all, it does take some amount of skill and determination to stick with a ball of yarn and actually turn it into something.

This is technically the last pair of socks for my Aunt Kathy’s Big Sock Commission™ (even though I still have one more sock to knit from the Beaded Hedera Socks). The color is so off the wall for her that I really had a blast knitting with it. I went from neutral greys and toned down pastels to these bright candy colored pastels worthy of their name Sweetie. The colors are truly so sweet that it almost makes your teeth ache to knit with it.

Even though I do wash socks before I send them to Aunt Kathy, I don’t always block them on a sock blocker. There are some designers that you really should block before taking the final pictures of them to share (if you don’t wear them right away) and a lot of Cookie A’s socks are like that. The texture of the Monkey socks unblocked looks crinkly and has the potential to look really uneven. Once it is blocked, the stitches smooth out and the eyelets open up to make the sock easier to fold.


Just look at the difference from the unblocked picture to the finished blocked picture! After all, if we go through the trouble to knit things for people, we should also pay attention to the finishing details before we gift them. It just makes everything look nicer and makes it look like we actually take pride in our work. Of course, doing a little bit of quick and dirty photoshop to crop the pictures and add a nice frame never hurts either.